Statements / Catalogue Entries



BLINDED BY THE LIGHTS: Simone Oriti. Solo catalogue statement Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts: 2014.

Coming Down The Mountain by Sebastian Moody, Suburban Sprawl Solo Catalogue Statement, BCM Partnership, Crucible Gallery, 2012

Show Ponies by Arthur Ryder, Solo Catalogue Statement, Arc Biennale, 19 Karen Gallery, 2009

The Facebook by Ben Byrne, Solo Catalogue Statement, Flipbook Gallery, 2008

Circle Work by Ben Byrne, Solo Catalogue Statement, In-Transit Gallery, 2007

Joyous Vibrancy by Ben Byrne, A Surface Paradise Solo Catalogue Statement, Metro Arts, 2006

Land Sea Sky by Arthur Ryder, Exhibition Statement, Sajen Legal, 2006

Suburbanality by Ben Byrne, Suburbanality Solo Catalogue Statement, Hands on Art, 2005

Gabba Hotel Demolition by Simon Wright, Thiess Art Prize Statement, Dell Gallery, 2004

No Emergency by Pat Hoffie, Exhibition Statement Metro Arts, 2004



Articles and Reviews



Blinded by the Lights: Kerry Gillett

“Mingling in Multi Media ” by Grant Stockwell

“A Sublime Focus” by Dane Beesley

“Land Sea Sky” by Arthur Ryder

“Inspired By Coast Skies” by Lisa Kither

“Inspired By Sights” Northside Chronicle

“The Burbs” by Robert Lukins

“Suburban Vision” by Alana Hall

“The Graduates” by Kris Carlon

“Destruction Creates Beauty” by Patrick Watson